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The need for dialogue is how this project started. Lockdown happened 6 months after I left an abusive relationship of 2 years. The outside closed down and I took this time to reflect and acknowledge all the abuse I had been the victim of since the beginning of my sexuality.
I started by voicing it to my dad, and through this discussion, I realised how important those dialogues are. Then ‘Avec Eux’ was born with the aim to photograph the bodies of the men close to me and turn them into a visible dialogue. A necessity to explore different masculinity that the one I and a lot of others have suffered from and photograph male bodies as we rarely do; poetic, vulnerable, raw.
Those portraits have been created in the space of 6 months between Cherbourg and London, my home town and my adopted home.
You will find family, friends, mentors, and lovers but you will never know who is who or have any name, those details still belong to me and them. You only need to see our dance, how I capture this healing space and how men can be part of the change if they enter the dance that, we, women will lead.

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