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In this series, I work with my partner to explore the impact of chronic illness on the intimacy of our relationship as I am, myself, diagnosed with Endometriosis and Enlhers Danlos Syndrom. 

Through this body of work, I created a space and time where he is wearing my pain, with this sculpture representing the wounds of my three surgeries. I asked him one question before the shoot begins, what does it feel to see me in pain? What does it look like? 

His reaction was a role switch, where he started to adapt my behaviours and gesture of when the pain hits me. Those images represent a moment in time of total immersion from his part in my daily life. 

The femininity that he explores in those photographs, with the fabric covering his breasts and the curve of his hands allows the viewer to see a part of me in his body language. There is the masculinity that I want to show rooted in understanding and wholesome where femininity has its place. 

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