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“Emma was a wonderful photographer, she came to my house where I wanted the photos done of me and my daughter. She was so brilliant with my 1-year-old and made us feel very comfortable, asking what I had in mind and giving me exactly that and more. With so many intimate shots, she has a brilliant eye and will 100% be rebooking for next time!”



"Emma is an intimate photographer. She will guide you naturally in front of her lens and will put you in absolute trust and at ease, creating a safe space for you and your baby. Her remarkable and distinctive eye will offer you completely unique images."



The shoot will take place in your house or an outside place of your choice, these details will be discussed during an introduction call.


The call will be up to 30 minutes for you to have the time to tell me about what you are looking for and your story, for me to capture you and your family most genuinely.

How long

The shoot will be up to 3 hours to give time to you and your baby for breaks and discussions to make this photoshoot a safe space and special time for you.

With who

You can book me for a pregnancy session, or one with your baby, or toddler, there are no age limits and if you have more than one child it can be with all of them. Family portraits can be any configuration involving you, your kids and your partner. A transgenerational photoshoot is also part of the booking possibility, for example, you, your kids and your mother. What matters to me is to create, with you, a love letter to your parenthood. There are no limits. 

Prices range from 300£ with 15 edited images to 550£ with 30 edited images and 2 A4 prints of your choice from the selection and 800£ with 30 edited images and 2 A4 embroidered prints, with beading work to create a bespoke, unique art piece for your wall.

In terms of location, all year around is London and the surroundings. Three to four times a year in Paris and Marseilles and the surroundings in July.

My aim with motherhood photography is to perpetuate my mother's work in my own way. During her career as a care worker, she created a breastfeeding support group where young mothers would meet at my house to get help and advice on breastfeeding. More importantly, she created a safe space for mothers to be listened to and cared for. I am not a nurse, but I believe in creating a safe space with my photography, which is why I started taking bookings for motherhood shoots. To offer my vision, the one of an award-winning and PhotoVogue-published photographer, onto moments of care and love between you and your loved ones. 


Thank you for getting in touch!

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