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This ongoing photography series, focuses on the connection between women and their breasts, creating a space for them to open a dialogue with a part of our body that has always been over-sexualised.  A sexualisation that I have been aware of from young age from the outside world, clashing with the discourse that was going on at home. My mother, a retired nurse with a lactation degree, held a support group at home to help women through their breastfeeding journey, where discussions were centred around women’s breasts without shame or judgement. With 'En son sein', I like to think that I am continuing my mother’s work, I do not have any medical knowledge so I keep my mother’s memento going through my own language; sculpture. Each piece is thought through the testimony of the women it was made for. The result; is a jewellery-like object that I have spent up to 40 hours making all by hand, like the hours my mother dedicated to the women she was helping.' 

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